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Sri Krishna Janamastami

Friday, August 23, 2019
Celebrate the Appearance Day of Lord Sri Krishna at the temple on August 23, 2019. Schedule: 18H00 Gaura Arati 18H30 Kirtan 18H45 Lecture 19H30 Kirtan 20H00 Arati 20H35 Performances 22h00 Kirtan 23H00 Abhishek 23H30 Kirtan 00H00 Maha Arati 00H30 Prasadam If you would like to contribute to this festival for donation opportunities and festival costs, kindly contact our temple representative, Gokulananda das (438-876-1008), or use the online link directly to the temple HERE: Your generous donations make it possible for the temple to maintain the worship and seva to the Deities. Hare Krishna.