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MANtra Retreat at New Vrindavan, USA

Vendredi, 20 Septembre, 2019 - Dimanche, 22 Septembre, 2019
We want to remind all the men about the upcoming MANtra, Men’s Retreat at New Vrindaban, Sept 20-22, 2019, starting Friday at 2 PM and ending Sunday at 2 PM. It’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy sanga with Vaishnava men from across North America and beyond. Activities include: kirtan, bonfires, comedy, drama, special prasada, sports, and in-depth conversations on topics including “Three Modes of Masculinity,” “Balancing Spirit and Matter,” “Core Masculinity—Endeavor with Confidence/ Openness/Resilience/Enthusiasm” and more. Presenters include Kripamoya and Bhuta Bhavana from the UK; Venkata Bhatta and Partha from N America, and more. Register today at www.mantraretreat.org. Hoping this finds you in the best of health and spirit. Your servant, Bhaktimarga Swami